Adding members to your organisation


Inviting a Member

This is a step by step guide for inviting members to an organisation and how to assist the members of the organisation with setting up the account.

To start:

  1. Click 'Members' on the left hand side in the menu bar.  This will take you to the members area.
  2. click 'Add or Invite Member', this will bring up a box for you add the members email to see if they are a user on the system already
  3. Add in the email address and click the magnifying glass
  4. Add the member or details of the member if applicable


Please note if the member has not signed up, an automatic invitation will then be sent to their email address. This email will notify them that they have been invited to your organisation and that they need to create an account.


 Trouble Shooting

Q. The Member I have invited can't log in!!

A. You can check whether the member in your account has created an account with us by simply clicking the Pencil icon next to their name. A fully signed up account looks like this:


Where as a member that has not created an account on the system, there invitation request in your account will still be editable and look like this:


Q. Why Can't I change the email address or phone number of the member?!

A. That is because the member is responsible for their own account management and making sure their details are correct and that the most up to date details are stored.

Q. My Member is NOT seeing any tracks or aircraft!!

A. A lot of the time it is because the Visibility settings for that member have not been updated, please see this article on "Visibility" on how to update them.  

Please note: flights will only be visible to the new member after the time they have signed up and after they were given visibility of the aircraft. No historical flights will be visible. 

Q. The Members I invited NEVER received an invite, what do I do now?

If they have not received the email, they can just go to visit our website and complete the sign up form on the right side of the page. They will automatically be linked to the organisation but only if they use the same email with which you have invited them.

Q. The Member I invited signed up and has not been linked to our account!

A. You can check the email address they used to sign up with against the one you invited them on. To rectify this, you can either re-invite them using the email address they signed up with or have that member update their email address in their account.



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