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Inviting Members

This is a step by step guide for inviting members to an organisation and how to assist the members of the organisation with setting up the account.

*****Each member of your organisation will need to create an account.******

Admin Level Process:

Step 1. An administrator of the organisation must do the following;

-  Log in to your account with email and password.

- On the bottom left side of the "Flying Page", click on "Settings"

- On the next screen, click on "Manage" (located on the center of the screen)

- Click on Members (left side menu)

- Click Add or Invite a Member and search for the person with their email address


 - Enter the members email address and details if they have not signed up an account

 - At this point, if the member has not signed up, an invitation will then be sent to their email address. They can follow the steps below to sign up.

- We also recommend going to "Visibility" and ensuring their viewing settings are correct. 

Invited Member Process

Step 2. Once the email has been received the member needs to click on the link in the email to setup an account.

If they have not received the email, they can just go to visit our website and complete the sign up form on the right side of the page. They will automatically be linked to the organisation but only if they use the same email with which you have invited them.

Please note, flights will only be visible to the new member after the time they have signed up and after they were given visibility of the aircraft. No historical flights will be visible. 

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