Managing the members in your account


Inviting a Member

Organisation Members are completely unique to your organisation. If you are needing to add a member to your Organisation:

  1. Click Members on the left hand side in the menu bar.  This will take you to the members area.
  2. click Add or Invite Member, this will bring up a box for you add the members email to see if they are a user on the system already
  3. Add in the email address and click the magnifying glass
  4. Add the member or details of the member if applicable

An invitation will now go to this member and ask them to sign up. If the member does not receive the invitation, they will automatically be linked to the account if they just go to the website and setup an account with the same email address. 


Now you have members in your organisation - what next?

You can choose how much access you give to your new members by choosing whether they have admin rights or not.  Allowing a member admin rights, will give them access the account settings and allow them to change things within.


If you leave them as a member without admin rights then they will only be able to view the aircraft's tracks once Visibility has been given.


Removing Members

Go to the organisation and click the Members, look for the member you would like to remove and click the "trash can" icon.  This will remove them from your account and tracks.


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