How do I register my Spider?


When adding a Spider to your account you will also select your pricing plan. The first thing you need to do is create an aircraft to assign your Spider to. To do this you will have to be managing the organisation under the settings page.

Adding Aircraft

1. Add your aircraft by selecting Aircraft Settings under the Aircraft header. Fill out the appropriate fields with your aircraft details.

Add all aircraft in your fleet at this stage by selecting Add Another Aircraft. Once you have added your aircraft to the system, you can then register a Spider to the aircraft.


Adding a Spider

2. Click on Add Another Spider in the Assign Spider field which is found underneath the box that displays the aircraft you have just added.

Enter the 10-character serial number from the underside of your Spider and continue.

*Please Note - the serial number does not contain the numbers one or zero. These are O (for Oscar) and I (for India).

Once the Spider has been added to the system you can configure the reporting type that you require. Please read How do I change my Spiders reporting rate and settings?

*Please Note - that the Spider S4 has a Radius function where transmission within a selected radius can be suspended – set the Radius parameters within this field also.

*Please Note - Please allow up to 1 business days for new registrations to become active on the Iridium network.


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    José Manuel Castro Palomino

    Buenas tardes
    He adquirido un Spidertrack S6 y lo tengo en prueba.. Deseo que me orienten como hacer para poder inscribirlo. N/S:6000S6

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    Carlos Rodriguez

    Buenas Tardes José,

    Te eh enviado un correo electrónico invitándote a registrarte a la cuenta de tu Spider.
    Cualquier pregunta, por favor no dudes en contactarnos.

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