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Notifications are canned messages that can be sent from the Spider to the website and via SMS or email to your members. The message within the notification has a maximum length of 50 characters and can be anything you choose.

You can customise how your members receive these and set up unique messages per aircraft and per event.

* Each SMS message costs US$0.20 per recipient

* Each SOS message costs US$0.50 per recipient

* Emails are at no cost



To set up your notifications go to:

1. From the Flying page, click on your name, go to Settings and then 'Manage' your organisation. From within your organisation settings pages, click Notifications on the left-hand menu.

When managing the organisation, click on the Notifications menu option

2. Select the aircraft you would like to create the notifications for or batch apply notifications to all aircraft.

Select all aircraft, or an individual aircraft

Please Note - When using “Apply to All Aircraft”, there will always be nothing checked, making changes at this level will override any existing notification of the given type of the individual aircraft. 

3. Change the 'Message' text for the Mark 1 and select who the message should be sent to, and how (SMS or email). Click Save. 

Change the Message then select who will receive the message by email or SMS

4. Follow the same process for the other Mark Messages, Watch on, Watch off, Speed up, and Slow Down.


Using Notifications

Mark button:

If the pilot presses the Mark button once, a Mark 1 position report will be sent to the website. If a notification message is set on the website this message will be displayed in the information box on the map. If not, the message will simply be displayed as MARK 1, as in the image below. 

On the map the Notifications will be displayed in the points of interest and on the track

If you have set the notification to go to a member by email or SMS, the member will receive the message as soon as the position report is received at the website. 

If the pilot presses the Mark button (Green button on Right) twice within 1 second, a Mark 2 will be sent. Pressing it three times within 2 seconds will send a Mark 3. Pressing it four times within 2 seconds will send a Mark 4. 

Spider 3 showing SOS, Watch, and Mark buttons on the keypad

Speed up and Slow down:

Speed up and Slow down messages will be sent when you pass up or down through your set transition speed if you have the transition speed trigger enabled within the aircraft settings on the website. These messages are great for letting contacts know when you have taken off or have landed. Please note that speed up and slow down messages are not sent when using Automated Watch.

When using Automated Watch the enable transition speed option will determine when Automated Watch starts. In this case you will need to use the Watch on and Watch off notification. 

Watch on and Watch Off:

Watch on and Watch Off, part of the Automated Watch system, can be set to start automatically or by pressing the blue Watch button in the middle of the keypad. This can be used to send a notification to your members on take off and landing too.

Rate of Climb and Rate of Descent:

On the Aircraft settings page, if you are editing the reporting settings of a Spider 6 or Spider 7, you can have the Spider send position reports when a specified rate of climb or rate of descent is exceeded. These will be displayed on the website. From the Notifications page, each of these events can be sent to members email and / or phone number. 

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    Claire Bond

    Hi Tim, apologies for the delay in response.
    This is correct. When it states "SOS messages" above, it refers to SOS SMS messages, not email messages.

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