KML Layers




  • Charles Pitts

    I'm confused.   This website claims their klm autorefreshes but I don't see a  url link.   The kml it generates is not updating.

  • Pete Wade

    I'm confused too. Although the KML files appears to have uploaded, the upload dialogue box doesn't change. And then I can see no way to get back to the dashboard!

    Oh well, just close the Tab and log in again! It shouldn't be this hard!



  • Helen King

    Hi Pete,

    I have replied more personally to you in the support ticket that we had raised.  The issue you were experiencing was due to the size of the file.  Our site was restricting the size limit to under 1MB when it should have been 2MB.  This has now been fixed. 



  • John Van Wormer

    How do I delete a KML layer after it has been added?

  • Helen King

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your question.  To remove the KML files from you account, follow this link;

    This will take you to where you are hosting your KML files, if you click the trash can icon this will remove it. Please let me know if you are having issues with this.




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