Sectional Layer


Sectional layer is available on the spidertracks website for all areas of the world. These sectional charts are provided by SkyVector and are updated every 28 days.

To see the Sectional View, simply open a map through either the Flying or Tracks page, and click on the layers icon in the top left corner. From there, select the Sectional View option.

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    Michael Eastwood

    I would find VNC to be very useful.

  • Avatar
    Adam White

    WAC charts for Alaska would be a wonderful tool!

  • Avatar
    Adam White

    Great addition, thanks! Not that I am ungrateful but are there plans for adding a sectional view to the Spidertracks iOS app?

  • Avatar
    Luke McCarthy

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for your question. At this time there is no development plan to add it to the iPhone application. I will add it as a feature request to our development team for their feedback.



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