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Spider Keypad App

The iOS Spider Keypad application enables keypad functionality on a Spider 4 or Spider 5 only. This includes watch, mark, radius and SOS capabilities. If you are using a Spider 4, you can have a keypad plugged into the spider and the app paired with the Spider and both will work.

Supports iPhone, iPod, iPad, Requires iOS 5+

Requires firmware version 2.5.002.  Not sure which firmware version you have? Check out "What firmware do I have"?

Pairing the Keypad and Spider
Please follow these instructions;

  1. Pair a Spider with an iOS device that has the app installed 
  2. Open the Spider Keypad application

      3. Press Bluetooth icon in the bottom left hand corner, this will activate the remote keypad functionality. When the Activate text changes to Deactivate and the icon has a blue glow, the keypad is connected.

        4. You can now use the buttons just like you would on a normal keypad.

Acquiring a GPS lock

This will change between amber and green

Amber - searching

Green - satellite acquired 

Using the Mark Button
Press the button the correct number of time (1-4) to send the mark message. 

Using Watch
If Watch is on, the border around the buttons will be blue. When turning watch off, the white border around the watch button will flash.

Using SOS
If SOS is active, the border around the buttons will be red.

To cancel the SOS press the SOS button again. 

Using Radius

If radius is active, the border around the buttons will be yellow.

No Paired Spiders

If you are receiving this message, your keypad and Spider have failed to pair.

If you are having trouble, please contact our support desk at

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