Updating firmware on your Spider




  • Ian Orrman

    Do you have a firmware upgrade available on the Apple platform? I do not have any Windows systems. Ian, Perth, WA.

  • Luke McCarthy

    Hi Ian, 

    At this time unfortunately we do not have an updater that runs on OS X.



  • Troy Northrup

    Wondering if you have the Mac version avialable yet?

  • Adam White

    Is there any place on this site that you have a revision history of the Firmware updates?

  • Deanna Thomas

    I have updated the firmware. Hopefully this will do the trick. The spidertrack work good till take off then stops working.

  • Crew ERAUW

    Hi, everybody!
    Please need help. On my S3 at connection, all leds is on and it doesn't work. I wanted to update it, necessary the driver for Win XP. Thanks

  • Luke McCarthy

    Hi Everyone,

    To answer the questions:

    Troy - at the moment the Updating Application is only available for Windows 7 and 8. We will investigate an iOS version but I can't say that we will do one in the short term. Apologies for the inconvenience with this.

    Adam - Yes, https://spidertracks.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200496350-What-firmware-do-I-have- please note, we will need to update the latest version and the updated features of this.

    SMA Africa - Please let us know how you have got on with the update. If you are still having issues please contact us through support@spidertracks.com.

    Crew - Are you able to send through an email to support@spidertracks.com with the issues are seeing? It may be that we need to repair or replace the Spider if this problem persists.

    Thank you,


  • Ian Macdonald

    I would like help for programming ..I think it is button #4,... so one push is one message, two pushes a different msg., etc > Thanks,
    Ian Macdonald, Canada.

  • Ian Macdonald

    There aren't four buttons ! I know that ! Which of the three
    does the above ? I have an S3 Ian Macdonald

  • Ian Macdonald

    This can be your day for a good laugh !! I thought " why not look in the manual" ...........and solved the "problem". It's late winter nite here in Canada, and haven't flown for a while...so is that a good enough excuse ? Ian Mac

  • Luke McCarthy

    Haha, all good Ian. We have plans in place to make this more intuitive or at least explained on a card or something that comes with the Spider. I am glad that you managed to work it out. Cheers, Luke.

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