Power Issues


The number one reason that Spiders are either not tracking, or tracking intermittently is that the power supply is not consistent. If you're using the factory supplied cigar lighter plug, it may be that the aircraft is creating too much vibration, or that power is simply not getting to the Spider at all.

You can verify that the Spider has power by checking the LEDs on the unit. The LEDs are coloured as follows for the various states that the units are in.

Version of Spider Power indicator GPS indicator Iridium indicator LED location
Spider 1 (aluminium and plastic)  LED turns Red LED turns Green N/A Beside power connector
Spider 2 (plastic, blue cap) LED turns Red LED turns Amber N/A On top of unit/Spider Abdomen 
Spider 3
Spider 4
Spider 5
Left Power LED comes on       Right Sat LED turns Amber       Right Sat LED turns Green      On front of unit/keypad

If the Spider is not getting reliable power;

  • it will either create no track
  • or will create many short/one point tracks all at once

In order to correct this, you will need to work out what is causing the Spider's power to be cut/unreliable, and correct this issue.

If you feel that you would like our Support Team to have a look into the alert, it is helpful to provide as much information as possible, you will be asked;

  • To supply the Spider serial number and aircraft it is assigned to
  • A photograph of the installation and position of the Spider
  • How is the Spider connected to the power supply, is it hardwired directly or are you using the cigar plug?
  • Are the connections between the aircraft and unit securely in?
  • Is there any damage to the back of the unit or around the power coupling?
  • Has the pilot noticed anything with the LEDs on the unit, are they lit all of the time?
  • During the flights could there/has there been anything placed on top of the Spider?


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