Spider S2 SOS behaviour


When a manual SOS is raised on a Spider S2 the following procedure takes place:

  • The Spider will report location for up to 10 minutes, at an update rate of 10 seconds
  • The Spider will then revert to 'standard update rate'
    • If on a time/distance update rate, it will send points out per this schedule
    • If on Automated Watch, the Spider will send no further points
      • For this reason, if SOS is pushed, please repower the Spider if flight continues. 
We are looking at finding a way to switch the Spider into watch mode post SOS, however if this applies to you, and you would like to have some settings changed, we can alter the SOS time from 10 minutes, to a maximum of 100 minutes. Please contact support and request your Alert Time Out be increased to 99. 
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