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Want to promote the  importance you place on safety? Show your customers that you use spidertracks, so that in the event of an emergency people will know where you are almost immediately. Feel free to write your own blurb, or copy the some of the text below.

There are also a number of logos that you can download to place on your website. When adding the spidertracks logo, please use the green logo on a black or white background, or the black or white logo on any background. Please also give the logo space around each side the equivalent of the letter p. 


The one-liner

Live tracking provided by spidertracks

A bit more detailed

Each aircraft [helicopter / plane] is fitted with a spidertracks Spider 3 [or Spider 4 / Spider 5], providing real time tracking and emergency alerting. 

Way too detailed!

Each aircraft is fitted with a real time tracking device, a Spider 3 [4 / 5], from spidertracks. In the event of an emergency the Spider 3 [4 / 5] will be able to send SOS messages to our support people, letting them know the exact current location in real time. Spidertracks utilises the Iridium Satellite Network, meaning no matter where we fly, we will be found fast. 

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