Flight Services Surveillance-Enhanced Search & Rescue


The Surveillance-Enhanced Search and Rescue service (SE-SAR) allows Leidos Flight Services (LFS) to automatically monitor flights and determine if aircraft stop moving, stop reporting their position, or transmit an emergency signal and therefore initiate SAR procedures with more accuracy and speed.

To enable SE-SAR through spidertracks, login to the spidertracks website, manage your organisation, and navigate to AFF/API settings. From here you will be able to select the specific aircraft you wish to allow LFS to track by checking United States: Conus Flight Services Click Save.

Please note that the Spider will have to be put on a one or two minute reporting interval. 


Next go to http://www.1800wxbrief.com/ and login (or create an account with LFS). Once logged in you can enter aircraft information and other information. To set up the SE-SAR, go to the Alerts & Positioning Reporting Devices tab. 


For Alerts and Notifications to be sent to you through the Spider select Special Device, spidertracks as the 'Cell Provider / Special Device' and then enter the IMEI of the Spider. You will receive notifications to a Spider 4 or Spider 5 with bluetooth enabled, through an Android or iPhone.
Furthermore, spidertracks is the only Iridium device at the moment receiving ACAS (adverse condition alerting service) alerts in-flight.  ACAS alerts are generated for any new adverse conditions that arise after the pilot is briefed/files their flight plan.  In flight alerts are only sent if the condition is still in front of the aircraft. Adverse conditions include TFRs, airport closure/unsafe NOTAMs, SIGMETs, Convective SIGMETs, AIRMETs, Center Weather Advisories (CWAs), Urgent PIREPs, and severe weather warnings/watches. 
To find your Spider IMEI you will need to go to the Aircraft Settings page within the spidertracks website, select the aircraft / Spider you are setting up, and scroll to the bottom of the page. 


To have LFS track your flight, select the aircraft in the drop down, choose the device type 'spidertracks' and enter the IMEI as above for the device ID. Click save and then any data will then go to LFS. 


Should you have any questions about this please contact support@spidertracks.com. Please note LFS have a number of instructional videos on their web portal. 


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