I need to set up Automated Flight Following (AFF / API)


What is AFF?

AFF is Automated Flight Following and it allows you to send your tracking data through to third parties, such as the US Forest Service, the United Nations World Food Program, Lockheed Martin Flight Services Surveillance-Enhanced Search & Rescue, the National Aerial Fire Centre in Australia and many more. Some third parties require specific position reporting rates and your Spider may need to have the settings updated, this may also mean your Spidertracks charges may increase.

How to set up the AFF feed

To set up your feed, you must be an administrator on the account.


  1. Login to your account 
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Manage the organisation by clicking 'Manage'
  4. Once managing the organisation, go to AFF/API in the menu, select the aircraft you would like to add to the AFF/API feed and click save
  5. You will need to send the API consumer the following information about your company;
  • Aircraft registration
  • The Spider IMEI can be found at the bottom of the Aircraft Settings page, which is a 15 digit number which will look like this 300234013726430.


Who can pull data from Spidertracks?

To set up AFF, you will need to know who you are sending data to. You can find the full list in the AFF/API menu

We also have an API available so third-party consumers can retrieve raw data from our system. Third party consumers can configure either a Public or a Private data service to pull the raw data. If you are set up as a Public consumer Spidertracks' customers can elect you to pull their tracking data into your system. 

The attached document is a comprehensive guide to assist you through all aspects of the integration process.  Please note that there may be fees associated with pulling data from the Spidertracks API. 

Things to note

  • Some AFF Consumers require an update rate of 2 minutes
  • Radius mode is not available
  • You will be billed at your standard rate
  • Contractors to NAFC (Australia) may be charged a 'roaming fee' by the NAFC integrator
  • Other AFF Consumers may charge fees outside of the standard spidertracks fees
  • Third parties consuming data through the API may be charged a fee

If you require any additional information please contact support@spidertracks.com. 

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