Normal Tracking vs Watch Mode




  • Chris Moon


    The pdf file of the alert notification diagram does not show up on the pages for Normal Tracking vs Watch Mode or SOS Alter Notification

  • Ian Macdonald

    Helpful diagram.

  • NCSHP Aircraft Operations

    If you are subscribed to a Flex-plan and are set-up to have 10 minute reporting cycle, by activating a watch, is the unit now forced into a 2 minute reporting cycle?

  • Luke McCarthy

    Hi there, yes this is the case. You can activate the Watch feature during flight, and a number of people do this. They will fly in good conditions through easy terrain on a larger reporting interval, then press watch if they encounter problems, weather, or are flying over water. I hope that this helps.


  • NCSHP Aircraft Operations

    Is there any chance of offering a 5 minute watch feature? We fly helicopters. Two minutes in a helicopter is a much shorter distance than two minutes in a fixed-wing aircraft. The 5 minute option would be more cost efficient solution.

  • Luke McCarthy

    Hi, at this time we only have the one or two minute option for the Watch system. Thank you. Luke.

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