Emergency Management System (SOS)


The Spidertracks Emergency Management System complies with the Aeronautical Search & Rescue INCERFA and ALERFA responses.

How The Emergency Management System Works  

The SOS notification sent by the Spider can be triggered in two ways:

  • Manually (triggered by the Pilot)
  • Automatically using Watch Mode 

When an SOS alert is generated, the notification will be sent to the selected Tier 1 or Tier 2 members of your account. In order to manage this, follow the next steps:

1.- Click on Organisation Settings from the Flying Page and go to the organisation you wish to manage.

2.- Select SOS Settings on the left side menu.

Any administrator to the account can select the members that will receive tier one and tier two SOS messages. If you require a common group of people to receive SOS notifications from all your aircraft, you can set this up under the All Aircraft menu option. Select the level of support you require and the mode of delivery as SMS, email or both. 


SOS Member list menu

**SOS notifications delivered by SMS cost US$0.50 per text per user, emails are free. **

Additionally, you are able to select specific aircraft and customise SOS settings. You have the option of adding additional SOS recipients by selecting the aircraft you wish to work with from the menu, and then selecting the level of support and mode of delivery that you require. These settings will only apply to the aircraft that you are currently working with.

When an Organisation is created, the owner is assigned as the default SOS recipient. If an SOS contact is set at the All Aircraft Level, they will be grayed out when viewing individual aircraft, as they can only be removed by unchecking them on the All Aircraft selection.

What happens during an SOS?

Tier one support people are the first group to receive an SOS message. In the event of Watch SOS or a pilot activated SOS, these people will receive an email and text message with the SOS details. Tier one people should attempt to make contact with the pilot and either resolve or escalate the SOS within 15 minutes. They may be required to call search and rescue authorities as the authorities are not automatically informed of an SOS.

Note: If you are a tier one support person you will be notified if the SOS is escalated to tier two.


 An SOS email message with link to view the flight


An SOS text message

If you are flight following and you are on the Flying Page, you will receive an SOS notification on the upper right side of the map, along with a sound notification (morse code). If you click on the box, you will see full details of the SOS alert generated.


SOS displayed on the Flying Page

From this SOS notification, you are able to see the following information:

  • Members of your organisation that have been alerted
  • Download the track to a KML or CSV file. (Please note that you will need Google Earth and a spreadsheet manager)
  • Escalate alert to Tier 2 members
  • Close alert

* If you escalate the alert to Tier 2 members, all members involved will receive another notification (email or SMS if selected)

* If you close the alert, all members that received a notification will also be alerted that the SOS alert was closed by a member of the account.

What if I want to see a log of all the SOS that have been triggered?

You will need to go to the History Page and filter the flights by:

  • Aircraft registration: which shows the aircraft list
  • Date: which shows the timeframe to search for
  • Active: which shows the alerts that were triggered but have not been closed
  • Closed: which shows the alerts that have been closed
  • All SOS: which shows all fights were an SOS have been triggered. 


SOS logs by an specific aircraft.

If you click on any of the tracks, the flight will be displayed on the map.


SOS flight displayed from the History Page


What if the SOS was triggered by accident?

If the SOS was button was pressed by the pilot, by accident, please follow these steps:

  • Pilot will need to unplug the unit to stop the current track.
  • When powering up again, Mark buttons can be used to tell ground that all is well. Please click here to see how Mark notifications work.
  • Ground or flight-watch personnel will be able to close the SOS alert.

**Important: After an SOS is triggered, no other functions (ie. Mark, Watch) will work until the Spider is power-cycled**


Please check the video tutorial below for detailed information.






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