Assigning & Reassigning a Spider


Assigning a Spider to an aircraft is easy and straight forward.

After Creating your Organisation, adding aircraft and Registering your Spider click on "Aircraft Settings" in the organisation sub menu.


This will take you in to the page where you can add your Aircraft and Spiders. To assign a Spider, select the aircraft you want in the drop down menu (see Fig 1.)


(Fig 1)

Then scroll down the page to where it says "Add Another Spider" select the drop down menu and select the Spider you want to add. 


Once you have selected the correct spider, click "Save"

You have now assigned a Spider.

Reassigning A Spider Currently Assigned to Another Aircraft.

To reassign a Spider currently attached to another aircraft, all you need to do is;

- Select the Aircraft you want to put the Spider to.

- Scroll down to the "Add Another Spider" and drop the Spider menu down and find the Spider you are wanting to reassign (which will still show on the incorrect aircraft)

- Then click "Save"


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